The face Behind The Brand


Hi, My name is Tyra, but my friends call me Ty!

The It's Not Your Diary Podcast was created out of my obedience to God in 2019.

Because I dealt with a lot of childhood trauma and I never really realized it, I knew there were other people out there just like me. God was the one to show me how situations in my childhood were starting to affect me after having my son and dealing with Post Partum Anxiety in August 2018. 


The truth is we all might have dealt with some form of trauma in our childhood. Some of us had people there to help us deal with that trauma but some of us might have dealt with it alone, like me. 

My husband and I were attracted to each other because of our childhood trauma. Who would have known that even though my dad was barely in my life growing up that I would still manage to fall in love with someone whose character and life began to reflect the man that birthed me? Some things can become generational and we never even realize it!


If I never began to journal, I would have never been able to connect the dots from my past traumas or even begin to explain how healing had to become essential to end this cycle for our children.

It's not your diary, or my diary because what we journal about today will affect the generations to come long after us. 


Our healing is a necessity!