Healers of Generations are individuals intentionally seeking to improve and/or maintain their spiritual, psychological, and emotional wellness daily for, the strengthening of the generations that come after us. Healed people, heal people, and we hope to become the people that God needs us to be no matter how uncomfortable the process may be. 

healers of generations

Generational Healer: a person healing for themselves with a purpose; so anyone born after them, who share the same genes has a road map on how to navigate through life obstacles.

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Membership Benefits 

  • Access to Monthly Agenda

  • Prerecorded weekly healing methods

  • Daily accountability and support

  • Weekly mastermind meetings

  • Weekly 1 on 1 touch base

  • Unlimited Discussion Groups Access

  • Monthly Live Mastermind

  • Quarterly Q&A Session

  • Mastermind Sessions

  • Monthly Live Sessions

  • Community Fellowship

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